hand blown

Art Glass Vases

Each are individually handcrafted in our Wimberley Valley studio by our team of artisans. Choose from flower vases and sculptural vases

Brushstroke Midnight

Our Brushstroke Midnight Collection in classic black pulls us into the palette of the masters, Louis Douzette, Théodore Rousseau, or Thomas Cole

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Blue Aurora

Inspired by the Aurora Borealis, this art glass collection features deep black tints and luminous accents of blue representing the wide-open sky of the northern hemisphere

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China Red

Tim’s adventure to China to adopt his daughter was the inspiration for this art glass collection which illustrates the ambiance of the Orient with beautiful red glass detailed in tones of gold and delicate jade

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Fire & Ice

This art glass collection is an environmental statement on the melting of the polar ice caps. Flickers of rich red flames dance on the backgrounds of sumptuous sapphire, highlighting the opposite forces of nature--the co-existence of fire and ice

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Water's Edge

"So many options...
Each step is a new opportunity.
The sea brings forth sweeping changes with each wave. And each stone is a new step."-Tim de Jong

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Enriched by 23 karat gold and adorned with San Marino, Moltara and Toscana patterned shards, each represents the elegance and richness of the Mediterranean. Red, Blue and Black series available

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Random Trail

Deep red and brown trails cut through variations of warm oranges, sandy beiges, and yellows, reminiscent of the wind-carved canyons throughout this region of the country

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Wildflowers are in bloom! These hand blown glass swing vases are in all the colors of spring. Choose a favorite. 

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Tropical Bamboo

Our handblown art glass Tropical Bamboo collection is a zany pattern whose name says it all. Also available in green

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Brushstroke Hyacinth

Our Brushstroke Hyacinth pulls us into the palette of the masters in the colors of spring! Soft gentle strokes of color adorn the sides of the vessels in colors reminiscent of picnics on the river bank in the outside Paris

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River Timber

The idea for this exquisite collection of flowing, organically shaped glass vases was born in the devastating aftermath of the 2015 Wimberley/San Marcos floods. Each vase is shaped in a wood mold created from flood felled trees

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Like a frozen vortex or whirlpool seen through a clear window; come delight in the wonder of motion frozen in time.

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Dragon Scale

Fire from the mouth of the furnace to enchanting blown glass, these Dragon Scale vessels are favored at the gallery. Sunlight will beam like fire through these translucent works making their presence somewhat mythical

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Created with a unique method that combines multiple shades of translucent reactive glass, this pattern transforms into a fantastic collage of bold color reminiscent of a view through a kaleidoscope

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Emerald Ocean

Ochre and Amber Murrinis float through deep teal art glass, reminiscent of jellyfish in the deepest of seas. These vases are made to order unless indicated as available

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